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An accurate billing platform

Billing Accuracy may be something you take for granted. But many companies and Local Authorities employ someone full time or part time to check the bills. Why would intelligent companies incur this huge additional costs on something that should just be right as a given? The answer is that billing platforms started off as something developed as the Mobile industry developed. When Machine to Machine started most companies adapted what they already had, some bought in third party software with various degrees of success. In practical terms billing becomes inaccurate because the price that you may is built up by a complex set of credits and charges based on tariff, profile permissions, Access points names, SOCs and discounts based around special deals or promotions. These modifiers often have expiry dates  which means that unless the estate is audited there is a ‘drift’ (usually) upwards in the price charged every month.

In addition a poor attention to detail means that SIMs get assigned to the wrong account, aggregation is miscalculated or missed completely. Overage is allocated to the wrong SIM or the wrong account. Roaming, CSD, Text and call charges can all be incurred despite the fact that they have been requested to be barred- those bars themselves usually have expiry dates somewhere in the system. Lastly if you have voice SIMs then a bounty will have been paid in the first year which is often used in the first year to subsidies the first year line rental costs. Once that subsidy has run out the temptation to push the line rental back up to the original level.

The question then has to be- why don’t you employ someone to check the bill? .Mobius is the only M2M provider to do a permanent rolling audit on their estate to ensure that the SIM we first provided to you still meets that original agreed specification. Eight years ago Mobius built its own billing platform based on the standards developed in the electronics industry where 99.9999 accuracy wasn’t considered good enough. In those eight years only one credit has had to be issued on the basis of a billing data error. Even then our auditing process highlighted it and we presented a full credit before the customer realised there was an issue. We don’t rely on our customers to pick up our mistakes.

But even at a fundamental level Mobius operates at a different level of granularity. Most Mobile Broadband profiles and some M2M networks too, view 1024bytes as the smallest possible measure of data used in the system. Islington Council found that meant when they used 9bytes of data to say where a traffic Warden was, the network rounded that up to 1k of data. Every time. That’s why Mobius was able to save Islington council £300k in one year, simply because we didn’t round the session data up. So your choice seems simple, employ someone to check your bill or use Mobius.


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