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Dual location services

Security, reliability and availability are the key components of the Mobius offering as one of the UK’s leading Mobile Service Providers. In the last eight years we have had less than one hour’s downtime on our main systems whether planned or unplanned. However, we recognise that no matter how robust one site is it will always be vulnerable to the kind of massive disruptions, manmade or natural, that appear to have become more common in the last decade. For the last eighteen months Mobius have been carefully planning a switch to SMMN. By building a system in Leicester as well as one in London we achieve complete geographical separation. Ensuring that the settings and permissions are mirrored on both sites in real time has proved a challenge, but one that we have overcome by implementing a “Flagship” solution.

Dealing with 235,000 transactions a day means that capacity is also an important part of the picture. Building the new sites from scratch has given us an opportunity to utilise a new generation of servers and firewalls, employ the latest software and firmware and more than double the capacity of our pipes. But the new system goes beyond that. Network resilience has always been a potential point of failure, although largely a theoretical one. Vodafone’s network runs off a redundant pair of GGSNs which run round robin so if a connection to the primary fails then the device will automatically attempt to connect to the secondary. Both of these GGSNs connect to both of Mobius's locations.

Mobius are proud to be the first partner of Vodafone to go live with Vodafone's Strategic Connections (StratConn) giving us no single point of failure within the Vodafone system. When it comes to units in the field Mobius Connect means that there isn’t even reliance on one network. Our multi-network roaming SIMs can use one of 346 networks across 190 countries around the world, while maintaining a secure private network, with fixed IP at speeds that are often higher than the native SIM. In terms of delivery we can support more options than ever. Whether it’s leased lines to your own dual location system or hooking up to the IBM or Amazon Cloud Services we can support you. We also now have a comprehensive set of options for breaking out onto internet in a controlled and safe manner. Mobius are now in a position to offer better visibility, reliability and availability than ever before while maintaining the highest security standards. Crucially this is a multipath system that will be available without requiring any amendments for the remote devices already in the field.

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