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High speed fixed IP with controlled costs

How can a customer have access to high speed radio networks without the massive infrastructure costs? The availability of high speed radio access (3G and 4G) brought new challenges for MVNOs and resellers. The high speeds that the radio is capable of was simply not cost effective to scale in the core networks of the MVNO or reseller. Let us show you why:

At Mobius we have a fully resilient core network, this means that there are multiple connections to the MNO and multiple connections to the Internet. A 3G connection can download, in real life, at around 8mbps. So for each high speed SIM that we sell we would have to allow for an 8mbps link, as the network is resilient this is now 4 links, 2 in from the MNO and 2 out to the Internet. A 1 Gbps link costs around £1500 per month, and we need 4, so the monthly cost for that is £6000. If we divide that 1Gbps link up into blocks of 8Mbps we can connect 128 SIMs before we need to increase the size of these 1Gbps links. That in effect will add £46.88 per month to the cost of each SIM.

To remove this cost Mobius came up with FTFIP (Flow Through Fixed IP). This allows the data path to come straight from the MNO removing the cost of the 1Gbps links and leaves the rest of the complex radius AAA (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) in place between the MNO and Mobius. This means that customers can now have all the advantages of a private APN, fixed private IP addresses for a low monthly cost.


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