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EV Charging

Reliability is not only critical for the user of EVCP's but also for the provider of them. Consumers need to be confident when purchasing an all electric vehicle that the nationwide network of charging points is reliable. From an EVCP providers perspective it is critical that it can take payments at all times to avoid loses incurred by free vending. We provide resilient networks with no single point of failure from the edge of the network all the way through to the consumers core. This is coupled with specifically tailored SIMs designed for systems that are always on and never move. This allows us to deliver a solution fr an on street furniture with an uptime of 99.995%, the equivalent of being up for 23 hours, 59 minutes and 56 seconds every day. read more

Local Authority

There are in excess of 320 local authorities in the UK, each with 10 or more silos and each facing the threat of budget cuts. To help take cost out, Mobius has just launched a partnership programme with the extended supply chain partners to help deliver these savings. Within the overall strategy, the  most exciting single new development is the introduction of reservoir buying which allows councils to consolidate spend across silos. This is the most radical change to purchasing practices in a decade and Mobius is the first operator partner to offer this to the local authorities. Read more

Retail, Hospitality & Leisure

The impact of a retail site losing its communications with the outside world has never been greater as more and more systems are moving online. Find out more how Mobius can help Read more

Health Care SIM

We have been working with some of the leading Telecare and Telehealth companies in the UK, along with the mobile network providers, to identify and solve network connection issues. We are also involved in managing the transition of the Telecare/health industry from fixed telephone line connections to mobile connections. Read more


With the adoption of Chip and PIN then the whole retail market is relooking at their EPOS hardware and the solutions that are now on offer. Queue busting is now an attractive possibility but the reality is that a mobile unit could now be cheaper to run than a unit tied to a land line. In addition the rise of sophisticated ‘Unattended payment Terminals’ brings the possibility of using credit or debit cards in situations where previously cash was the only alternative. This can drive up the value of the goods on sale in these remote units. It also reduces or eliminates the need for handling cash, cutting risk and cost. Read more


Car parking is just the starting point when it comes to taking advantage of M2Ms fast installation and low running costs. Authorisation for ticket can be completed within seconds with always on GPRS. Read more

Security and Surveillance

M2M can provide a back-up system in case the landline is cut. But the reality is that it could be cheaper to do away with the landline in the first place. Should the thief be sophisticated enough to jam any radio systems, GPRS units can even recognise that they are being jammed and send through emergency signals to your site. In addition we are seeing an increasing use of CCTV cameras sending data over GPRS. This could be as simple as a jpeg generated on the fly and sent by email to streaming video live using sophisticated compression techniques. Read more



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