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Local Authority

There are in excess of 320 local authorities in the UK, each with 10 or more silos and each facing the threat of budget cuts. To help take cost out, Mobius has just launched a partnership programme with the extended supply chain partners to help deliver these savings. Within the overall strategy, the  most exciting single new development is the introduction of reservoir buying which allows councils to consolidate spend across silos. This is the most radical change to purchasing practices in a decade and Mobius is the first operator partner to offer this to the local authorities. Read more


Retail represents possibly the fastest growing set of applications for Machine to Machine. Within retail they break into four broad areas. Read more

Health Care SIM

We have been working with some of the leading Telecare and Telehealth companies in the UK, along with the mobile network providers, to identify and solve network connection issues. We are also involved in managing the transition of the Telecare/health industry from fixed telephone line connections to mobile connections. Read more


With the adoption of Chip and PIN then the whole retail market is relooking at their EPOS hardware and the solutions that are now on offer. Queue busting is now an attractive possibility but the reality is that a mobile unit could now be cheaper to run than a unit tied to a land line. In addition the rise of sophisticated ‘Unattended payment Terminals’ brings the possibility of using credit or debit cards in situations where previously cash was the only alternative. This can drive up the value of the goods on sale in these remote units. It also reduces or eliminates the need for handling cash, cutting risk and cost.


Car parking is just the starting point when it comes to taking advantage of M2Ms fast installation and low running costs. Authorisation for ticket can be completed within seconds with always on GPRS.


With higher value goods a realistic option Vending companies need to know what is going on in their estate at a moment’s notice. Stock management, remote diagnostics, the ability to update prices or even fraud detection can all be added to vending solutions.

Metering and Monitoring

Real time information is no more important in the metering and monitoring markets. The rise of remote data collection in Electricity, Water and Gas has been much talked about and now maybe realised. Flood prevention is one of the key sectors here where landlines may not just be a more expensive option but no option. In factories , lathes and other machinery are now being connected by short range wireless data networks such as Zigbee and Bluetooth. Control and usage information can be collected and new updates or product information downloaded. In the office. We increasingly hire the equipment around us- Photocopiers, air conditioning units and franking machines being the most obvious examples. Collecting usage information suddenly becomes easy. This in turns support accurate billing and timely maintenance. Suddenly by using Location Services you can keep track of your assets and their condition without having to implement expensive GPRS options. It can even mean turning them off if the customer doesn’t pay.

Security and Surveillance

M2M can provide a back-up system in case the landline is cut. But the reality is that it could be cheaper to do away with the landline in the first place. Should the thief be sophisticated enough to jam any radio systems, GPRS units can even recognise that they are being jammed and send through emergency signals to your site. In addition we are seeing an increasing use of CCTV cameras sending data over GPRS. This could be as simple as a jpeg generated on the fly and sent by email to streaming video live using sophisticated compression techniques.


Keeping bus time tables up to date. City car park information. The accurate arrival time of your locksmith. Even text delivered coupons are all options that M2M can add to your business. And the medium doesn’t have to be just text. More and more companies are looking at how they can increase advertising revenue by controlling advertising remotely or even downloading content to transit sites, cab tops and public transport.

Fleet Asset Management

Imagine if you could tell the location of every vehicle, its mileage and petrol usage, and running idle time and over revving. Imagine of you could redirect your fleet to a new customer or to avoid a bad traffic problem. Cut down on customer no-shows by texting the customer automatically as your service approaches using Geo-fencing. From monitoring temperature of food to critical alerts for medical supplies M2M can make a massive impact on your business. For more information please contact us at


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