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EV Charging

Secure and reliable mobile connectivity

Reliability is not only critical for the user of EVCP's but also for the provider of them. Consumers need to be confident when purchasing an all electric vehicle that the nationwide network of charging points is reliable. From an EVCP providers perspective it is critical that it can take payments at all times to avoid loses incurred by free vending.

We provide resilient networks with no single point of failure from the edge of the network all the way through to the consumers core. This is coupled with specifically tailored SIMs designed for systems that are always on and never move. This allows us to deliver a solution for an on street furniture with an uptime of 99.995%, the equivalent of being up for 23 hours, 59 minutes and 56 seconds every day.

Security designed in from the beginning, PCI/DSS and Cyber Essentials Plus certified that has been validated by 3rd parties which protects the reputation of your company.

High availability with 99.995% uptime (average of 23:59:56 per day online) on street using geo-seperated data centres for robust core infrastructure. This prevents the potential for free vends or customers not being able to charge their vehicles.

Un-steered roaming on all 4 UK operators to ease deployment, this includes EU wide coverage which allows for a connection to the best available network.

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