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HealthCare SIM

Why the correct SIM card is crucial

With a standard ‘retail’, ‘business’ or ‘mobile broadband’ SIM data sent from the Telecare/health device may get blocked on its journey over the network. This means an emergency alarm may not be triggered at a control centre or important health monitoring information may not be transmitted. Standard SIMs cannot provide the reliability of connection that is absolutely vital for this application.

Mobius Expertise

We have been working with some of the leading Telecare and Telehealth companies in the UK, along with the mobile networks providers, to identify and solve network connection issues. We are also involved in managing the transition of the Telecare/health industry from fixed telephone line connections to mobile connections.

How SIM’s Affect Performance

Mobile Broadband (MBB) is what most people mean by ‘data SIMs’. Like retail and consumer SIMs they are designed for use in tablets, laptops and USB dongles, for occasional use rather than constant use. When a standard SIM is used in Telecare/health devices there is a risk of connection failure. The device becomes ‘stranded’. There are many reasons for this:

Standard SIM                                    

A hard cap on usage – Network expects occasional transmission so may halt data due to overuse/misuse

No extended data streaming so data speed is throttled as billing month progresses

Connection may be ‘steered’ onto a preferred network which may be busy or ‘down’

Uses random IP addresses

Telecare device may appear to ‘fail’ because of inadequate SIM leading to maintenance charges

Risk of misuse if SIM is removed and used in a different device e.g. smart phone

Mobius Telecare PfH SIM

Network expects data transmission could be constant or at any time so allows data through

Unrestricted data speeds through network at any time

Mobius connections are ‘unsteered’, making sure you can make the best of any connection, at any time

Uses Mobius fixed IP address (more secure)

Fit for purpose SIM that will maintain connection between device and control centre

Mobius SIM cannot be misused

Using a Mobius Telecare SIM with PfH can demonstrably improve performance even in existing systems.

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