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The Benefits of Picking the Right Supply Chain Partner in the Local Authority Sector

There are over 300 councils in the UK, each with 10 or more silos. All of these are or should be looking at using Mobile Communications to save money, improve reliability and increase agility. There are so many companies from start-ups through SMEs through multi nationals who can give value to the local authorities and one objective of the partnership programme is to bring all of these to the attention of the authorities with the intent to deliver lower cost solutions.

Reservoir buying- a revolutionary way to take cost out of local authority budgets

This is the first major change to buying practices in the sector in a decade and Mobius are the first operator partner to offer this to local authorities. Read more

Where can you use reservoir buying?

By buying terabyte reservoirs of data from Mobius, you can consolidate spends across complete county level eco systems or even consolidate across multiple county boundaries via consortiums with huge potential overall cost savings. Read more

How Mobius delivers low cost mobile comms solutions to the local authorities

In recognising the pressure on councils as a result of reducing budgets, Mobius now offers the lowest cost mobile comms solution to the sector. Read more

How Mobius delivers better mobile comms solutions to the local authorities

Mobius carries the reputation as being the most resilient mobile airtime supplier to the local authority sector. Read more

Saving the London Borough of Islington £3 million by using Mobius mobile comms

The London Borough of Islington is just one council who have cut their budget by £300,000 of direct savings and over £3m of consequential savings.  For other examples please go to case study

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