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A new lower cost way to buy Airtime

Just as Mobius led the industry in offering Aggregation 15 years ago we have been pushing the commercial models to deliver what our customers need and we believe that we are the first operator partner to be offering data reservoirs with major cost savings to those authorities who can consolidate mobile comms spends across silos and regions.

The Status Quo

Unused data with no benefit

Standard tariffs force you to overbuy to avoid the high cost of overage. This means GBs of purchased data are lost at the end of every month.

Overage at high cost

Standard tariffs are unable to cope with seasonal peaks and troughs. The result is uncontrolled and unforecasted extra costs.

Unused SIMs incurring cost at the end of projects

With networks pushing 2 and 3 year contracts managing commitment on SIMs becomes very difficult thus increasing the unplanned costs even higher.

Bill shock and variable pricing

Because of the inflexibility of the classic tariff structure local authorities end up paying more than expected for airtime with under and over-usage, with unwanted SIMs and a large variation in per MB pricing.

Mobius Data Reservoirs

Fixed capital cost or monthly direct debit

Reservoirs have a known fixed cost at the start of the year. This allows planning and revenue control to be a straightforward part of project planning. Mobius also support direct debit for easier accounting.

Seasonal peaks and troughs supported easily

Because the data is available throughout the year any spikes are easily absorbed without penalty.

No limit to connections

You can add as many SIMs as you like to the reservoir at any time without penalty.

60 day maximum commitment

In order to support shorter term projects we only require 60 days’ notice to cancel any amount of SIMs in the reservoir.

No overage charges at higher rate

All data is charged at the same price. Even if the entire reservoir is depleted its replacement will be at exactly the same price.

Roaming on two networks at no extra cost

Since the reservoir draws on two networks- Three Wholesale and Vodafone, it offers a level of flexibility never seen before in airtime with no “not spots” and no roaming charges. The reservoir can be drawn on from either network without notice or penalty.

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