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Better Mobile Comms Solutions

Mobius carries the reputation as being the most resilient mobile airtime supplier to the local authority sector.

Helping you pick the right supply chain partner

By working closely with our partners, we will help you pick the right combination of systems integrator, consultancy, solutions provider or OEM manufacturer to offer you the most cost effective solution.

The best resilience and lowest downtime in the sector

Mobius offers levels of operational excellence unmatched by any of our competitors or the networks direct with the most reliable platform in the sector and the lowest downtime.

Self-healing private networks

Mobius have more private networks than the rest of the MVNOs in the UK put together. Our Private Mobile Network operates around the world to the same standards irrespective of the host network it sits on.

A network that works 24/7

Mobius, the first dedicated M2M MVNO that understands that there is no downtime for our customers and therefore there can be no downtime for us. Mobile comms need to work 24/7 and with Mobius they do.

Dual path

Once past the local masts, networks themselves have outages. Mobius experienced 92 interruptions in service in the last calendar year but, by duplicating every system connecting us with the networks participating customers have seen over two year’s uninterrupted service.

Improved security

We were the first to offer a mobile network good enough to meet the credit card industry PCI DSS standard and be accredited against it.

Mobius high availability SLA

Mobius offer a unique Service Level Agreement which means that if Mobius fails to meet it’s agreed obligations of 99.4% in any one month then our customers have the right to a penalty payment.

A dedicated Local Authority SIM

Physically tougher for a longer street life; LA SIMs also have a unique profile that tells the network the SIM should be allowed on 24/7 365 days a year and supports peer to peer and fixed IP. This means the LA SIM stays on the network longer, reattaches more quickly and eliminates fraud.

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