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Lower cost Mobile Comms Solutions

In recognising the pressure on councils as a result of reducing budgets, Mobius now offers the lowest cost mobile comms solution to the sector.

Picking the right supply chain partner

Using our sector knowledge to help you pick the most cost effective extended supply chain partners as part of a consortium sell, we know that we can take a lot of cost out of your solutions budgets.

Reducing costs of failure

To meet the demands of ever reducing revenue budgets, local authorities need to take cost as opposed to just price out of their operating models and by working with Mobius as the highest resilience, lowest downtime supplier in the sector, costs of failure are dramatically reduced.

Buying better via reservoirs

Mobius is the first operator partner to be offering data reservoirs meaning that local authorities are no longer tied to a monthly model where you buy data you don’t use. Mobius can offer a no overage, no cut off model.

Direct debit payment

Direct Debit reduces purchasing costs, simplifies the payment process and reduces the hours spent in chasing through payment requisitions. Allowing you to treat the specialist airtime supply as a simple to operate utility.

Saving revenue

Historically mobile has always been thought of as an expensive option. But councils such as Bracknell, Woking, East Sussex and West Sussex have seen savings of 40% using mobile over fixed line.

Protecting revenue

“Capital rich, revenue poor” is often used to describe the resources available to local authorities. Mobius has built a complete finance package to give local authorities the ability to capitalise all of the costs of airtime.

Cheaper and more reliable than fixed line

With the right support, mobile is often more reliable and can cost up to 60% less than a true commercial xDSL twisted pair connection.

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