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The impact of a retail site losing its communications with the outside world has never been greater.

It’s not just payment, with the adoption of Bluetooth® Beacons, Basket Analytics, Tablets and Customer App Support and stock management. Music streaming as well as any in store kiosk. Membership cards and services, the list goes on and on.

Make sure your payments can get through. Mobius is the only PCI DSS accredited private mobile network ensuring easy compliance for back up store payments. This confidence allows you lower floor limits.

But Mobius have the ability to support your retail business either as a fixed-line back up or as an uncompromised Mobile Primary.

What about new openings? The capacity and flexibility of Mobius means that you can roll out new openings with mobile as primary. When a fixed line is finally installed the same system will adopt it’s back up role automatically. The same is true of pop up and seasonal businesses?

Because of Mobius’ unique wholesale approach to data you are not trapped in lots of individual contracts. We can offer pooled/aggregated data, seasonal tariffs and even guaranteed always on/no overage models.

Dunelm opt for triple resiliency with Mobius Networks

Dunelm have been leading the way in developing a sophisticated building management system for their stores. This increase in efficiency helped cut costs but meant that the connection between the Head Office and their stores was used for everything - phones, payment even the music streamed to the customers.

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