multi-IMSI, eSIM and eUICC, acronymic heaven or hell?

Posted on 25.04.2019

There is some confusion in the market at the moment when someone asks for an eSIM. This usually means an embedded subscriber identification module (SIM)- a semiconductor chip soldered direct to the PCB, rather than the usual form factor we are all... Read more »

MWC and the curiously missing 5G use case

Posted on 12.03.2019

This year there were three big buzzwords, AI, IoT and Blockchain. It seemed that the marketing teams of most companies were trying to find a way of shoehorning those words onto the stand and ideally in the same sentence. All three have their place... Read more »

A smooth way through the sunset

Posted on 18.09.2018

It’s been half a year since it started to look like 3G was on its way out in the UK. It has been hard to get concrete information but it has become clear that the process of re-farming 3G capacity to 4G has already begun. What this will mean is ... Read more »


Posted on 08.06.2018

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has quietly become the mainstay of fixed line communications. For mobile, the attractions of VOIP are perhaps harder to see. VPN overheads, packet loss and latency all combine to make VOIP over mobile difficult. ... Read more »

The sun sets on 3G

Posted on 20.03.2018

With uncertainty about the future of communications we are often asked for recommendations on hardware. Should the designer starting out on a project now go for 2G, 3G or 4G modules or hang on for the imminent arrival of 5G for it to solve all of ... Read more »

Systems Down

Posted on 27.11.2017

One of the things that used to drive me mad when a network fails is someone saying “Yeah, we thought that could happen.” When IoT/M2M make the transition to an always on service- this applies to both Operators and MVNOs- the commitment to ... Read more »

Stormy times ahead

Posted on 10.11.2017

Long term airtime users will have noticed a change in the pattern when it comes to network disruption. There are more of them and they are lasting for longer. Mobius logged 92 disruptions in service from our various partners between May 16 and April... Read more »

What's in a number?

Posted on 03.03.2017

+44 What’s in a number? The line between IoT (Internet of Things) and Voice is at times becoming blurred, especially in the world of Social Care. The always-on nature of IoT is great for collecting data through Movement sensors, Heat and Smoke... Read more »

Fridge mounts Cyberattack!

Posted on 26.10.2016

The idea of breaking the Internet using your fridge sounds like a rejected script from the IT Crowd. And yet it has already happened! It is called a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS). The idea is to simply clog up a service by making lots... Read more »

Security on SIM

Posted on 08.06.2016

“Why would somebody want to take the SIM out and use it?” was a question I was asked by somebody who was not a Mobius customer. “Because it is free.” Was the simple answer. It still seemed a surprise despite the fact that he had been presented... Read more »


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