I’m great!

Posted on 25.01.2021

Donald Rumsfeld’s major contribution to western civilisation appears to have been his “There are known knowns.” speech- “…there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say... Read more »

The importance of Digital Health

Posted on 06.01.2021

“We must make the Digital Telecare switch or risk losing lives” is the stark warning from Martyn Wallace, CDO of the Digital Office Scotland on the 17th December 2020. We have covered some of the thinking behind this before in this blog but... Read more »

Mobius is the best (IoT Enabler), in the world

Posted on 29.09.2020

It was great to receive the recognition from the MVNO World Congress this week that Mobius and Three were the best IoT Enabler for 2020. The case study was based around building a system that would make breast... Read more »

Is TEC missing opportunity?

Posted on 04.08.2020

One of the things I hoped to bring to the TSA in 2016 was my experience with UK Public Transport. Industry bodies like Urban Traffic Management and Control Development Group (UDG) helped the industry determine interoperability from the screens on ... Read more »

“Don’t wait for 5G”

Posted on 03.04.2020

Throughout the technical cycle from 2G to 5G there has been a consistent mantra that ‘x’ will work better when the next generation of mobile technology is rolled out. This hope is rarely about raw throughput, that has undoubtedly improved as anybody... Read more »

For the want of a nail...

Posted on 12.02.2020

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is in the news at the moment but there is still a large sense that it is happening elsewhere and is unlikely to have an impact here. Certainly, the next few months will be the tipping point that will determine whether it... Read more »

That’s the security box ticked

Posted on 31.01.2020

Mobius has just received our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accreditation for the 8th year in a row. We think we are the only MVNO to meet this standard. So that’s it; well done to our IT Team and Network Architects, a tick... Read more »

A year to look forward to?

Posted on 07.01.2020

2020 was a date used so often as target for long term plans it is hard to believe it is now here. Jan 2020 is then a good time to look at what we think this rapidly changing industry will bring in the coming months as well as somethings that haven... Read more »

multi-IMSI, eSIM and eUICC, acronymic heaven or hell?

Posted on 25.04.2019

There is some confusion in the market at the moment when someone asks for an eSIM. This usually means an embedded subscriber identification module (SIM)- a semiconductor chip soldered direct to the PCB, rather than the usual form factor we are all... Read more »

MWC and the curiously missing 5G use case

Posted on 12.03.2019

This year there were three big buzzwords, AI, IoT and Blockchain. It seemed that the marketing teams of most companies were trying to find a way of shoehorning those words onto the stand and ideally in the same sentence. All three have their place... Read more »


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