Stormy times ahead

Posted on 10.11.2017

Long term airtime users will have noticed a change in the pattern when it comes to network disruption. There are more of them and they are lasting for longer. Mobius logged 92 disruptions in service from our various partners between May 16 and April... Read more »

What's in a number?

Posted on 03.03.2017

+44 What’s in a number? The line between IoT (Internet of Things) and Voice is at times becoming blurred, especially in the world of Social Care. The always-on nature of IoT is great for collecting data through Movement sensors, Heat and Smoke... Read more »

Fridge mounts Cyberattack!

Posted on 26.10.2016

The idea that your fridge could mount a cyberattack and bring down chunks of the Internet seems like a rejected script from the IT Crowd. And yet it has already happened! The argument about protecting your system has now been turned on its head with... Read more »

Security on SIM

Posted on 08.06.2016

“Why would somebody want to take the SIM out and use it?” was a question I was asked by somebody who was not a Mobius customer. “Because it is free.” Was the simple answer. It still seemed a surprise despite the fact that he had been presented... Read more »

How secure is mobile?

Posted on 06.06.2016

There are various scare stories about Security on the internet in general and mobile in particular. This seems to provoke three reactions- Ignore it as hyperbole, the internet is so big no one will find me The data itself doesn’t contain... Read more »

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Posted on 11.01.2016

Mobius has worked hard for over ten years to build a reputation for quality and innovation. In terms of Quality we are still the only Airtime supplier to be both ISO 9001:2008 accredited as well as the credit card industry standard PCI DSS. In innovation... Read more »

The end of Mobile?

Posted on 03.06.2015

There is a raft of new radio technologies coming out. There usually is but this time they are coalescing around Internet of Things and it appears to be adding a bit of energy and excitement into the sector. Internet of Things isn’t new. Here we ... Read more »

Can the Internet of Things be 'Fair'?

Posted on 01.05.2015

Can the Internet of Things be 'Fair'? We have looked at the impact of contracts and the rise of Fair Usage as a sensible response to the rather counter intuitive situation of a Network needing protection from their customers. This works to a degree... Read more »

*subject to fair usage policy

Posted on 01.04.2015

*subject to fair usage policy? Is Fair Usage fair? We discussed previously the problem that networks have with consumers and the impact that has on enforcing contracts. The imbalance in the relationship between the mighty networks and the ordinary... Read more »

And my wife's recipe for ratatouille

Posted on 23.03.2015

We have all got used to Mobile Contracts. There may be pages of script so small that an arc lamp and industrial strength glasses will not be enough to allow the thing to be read. On line where you can make the font any size you want, we still skip... Read more »


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