Hidden Costs

Posted on 12.11.2014

Using a private mobile network brings a lot of advantages. Most of this website is dedicated to that in one way or another but primarily they are; security- keeps the data and the device off open internet lower costs- fixed IP means ... Read more »

Buyer Beware

Posted on 27.10.2014

Buyer beware is such an old and consistent warning that the Latin version ‘Caveat emptor’ is still part of everyday speech. It is very easy when going through the buying process to speed read the supporting contract and then sign it on the basis... Read more »

Working SIMs

Posted on 03.10.2014

We had three interesting confirmations of our mantra that “Not all SIMs are the same” this week. One was in regards to an old customer of ours who had gone through a cycle of alternative suppliers for the last five years. Luckily they also retained... Read more »

Cost of Ownership- The network

Posted on 23.09.2014

‘All the networks are the same.’ is a surprisingly common opinion.  The confusion has been deepened by the various mast sharing deals that have been done over the years. Just as with Profiles and SIMs – if they are all the same why pay ... Read more »

Cost of Ownership- The profile

Posted on 22.09.2014

In the internet there is an idea that access should be ubiquitous and fair. For some reason the same thought process seems to be expected of the Mobile Operators which is odd when you think about it. These are commercial private networks that we buy... Read more »

Cost of Ownership- The SIM

Posted on 22.09.2014

Cost of ownership may not seem that obvious in something like airtime. A SIM is a SIM and one network very much like another.  So the idea that it would be worth paying more for such a commodity product seems counter-intuitive. But the networks... Read more »

Pareto Rule

Posted on 13.08.2014

Data Sims are up to 10% of your costs but can create 80% of your problems Many people with experience of implementing mobile in their product will tell you that reliability and technical support are poor and visibility is non-existent. It was ... Read more »


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