Here are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.
What is M2M?

M2M is an acronym, it stands for Machine to Machine, as the name implies it is a term used to describe devices that communicate to other devices and need no human intervention.

What is IoT?

IoT is another acronym, it stands for Internet of Things. “things” like embedded sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other “things” and systems over the internet.

What is an APN?

It is an Access Point Name, it is the name of a gateway between mobile and another network.

What is a Fixed IP address?

A fixed IP address (or static) is an IP address that is assigned to a device, this IP address will always be the same.

What is data aggregation?

Data aggregation helps to level out usage, for example if you have 100 sites with a typical usage of 10MB that gives you an aggregated data pot of 1000MB (100 sites x 10MB) if 50 of your sites use 8MB and the rest use 12MB together they have used 1000MB and you have no overage. Without aggregation the 50 sites that used 12MB would result in an overage charge of 100MB (12MB – 10MB = 2MB, multiplied by the 50 sites).

What is steered roaming?

Steered roaming is carried out at the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) and attempts to reduce the cost to the MNO. For example, if you have a SIM from MNO A, the MNO will deny multiple authentication requests that do not arrive on the MNO A’s preferred network, this is to reduce roaming costs that the MNO will face when your device uses a non-preferred network. This can delay a successful connection by your device.

What is Managed roaming?

Automatic roaming is what happens by default when a roaming SIM is used in a device. The behaviour of automatic roaming varies depending on the MNO used.

What would be typical latency on a mobile network?

Managed roaming is configured on an intelligent device, it allows the device to make decisions on which network to roam on to, based on various parameters. This is used instead of automatic roaming.

What kind of profiles can a SIM have?

Generally the Networks have three categories of SIM profiles. Voice which is aimed at general consumers and business users. Mobile BroadBand (MBB) aimed at the USB 'Stick' market for occasional data use. And Machine to Machine (M2M) which is designed for an unfiltered 'always on' connection.

Why has my SIM stopped working?

One of the main frustrations in a mobile system is that what worked 6 months ago doesn't work now. If you look through this website you will find 30 or 40 reasons why the connection you had could have failed. The pace of change is accelerating and its why Mobius' support is being recognised by companies like Arriva as vital to delivering a reliable enterprise class network.

What is LBS?

LBS stands for Location Based Services. This is a system run by some of the networks that allows you to find the device even if it has no GPS capability or specific location software. This is usually offered on a pay-per-click model.

If I want all the networks why not just get a foreign SIM?

It was to try and address this question that people started bringing in overseas SIMs back into the UK. These Roaming Sims could be O2 Ireland, Orange Latvia or any other combination. They had the advantage that being in a ‘foreign’ country they could roam on any network. But these foreign SIM were often Mobile Broadband (MBB) or worse still Voice profiled. Performance was poor, they struggled to stay on network and they could even get shut down after 3 or 6 months if they hadn’t been ‘home’.