RTIG/Inform comes to Mobius

RTIG was established in 2000 to provide a focus for all those involved in UK bus Real Time Information. They have developed a comprehensive remit to cover the effective and efficient use of technology in the interests of passenger transport users, operators and sponsors.

RTIG has a wide membership drawn from UK local authorities, bus and rail operators and system suppliers, and enjoy excellent working relationships with Government and other key industry groups.

Based around a consensus model RTIG/Inform has developed many Standards which reduces the cost and risk associated with buying technology. This is particularly important from the perspective of Local Authorities and Passenger Transport Executives.  These bodies are buying technology with a 15 year timeframe and need to avoid technological dead ends and the high costs that usually come with custom products.

This latest Workshop “Communications” will include the latest information from the Mobile Network Operators Three and Vodafone as well presentations from experienced Integrators from the RTI world about their frustrations and solutions for communications.

The workshop is aimed at Members but for more information please contact secretariat@rtig.org.uk


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