Mobius announces new SIM aimed at the health market

The Mobius Telecare SIM “TS” Range

Above all others the Health Industry, specifically TeleCare and TeleHealth needs good reliable communications. Some mobile rollouts have seen issues with Caller Line Identification (CLI), Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) operation on top of the usual difficulties of building a reliable mobile network.

Mobius has ten years’ experience in building more private networks for the Credit Card Retail market, Public Transport and Smart City than the rest of the industry combined. The key factors in these networks has been Reliability, Availability and Security. That’s how we have been able to deliver a real world 99.99% on street availability for companies like IBM and Siemens.

Tackling the specific requirements put to us by Telecare and Telehealth companies has forced us to go back to the drawing board to look at how our SIMs react with our network but also any of the networks that they might roam on to. Ensuring interoperability not just in the UK but across Europe and around the world means lower deployment costs and increased reliability.

As part of our ‘Evolve to stay Connected’ programme Mobius has drawn on our contacts from Security, Retail and Automotive to develop a range of TeleCare SIMs (TS) to tackle different requirements within Telecare. All of the products will be supported by our ‘Profile for Health’ PfH which supports always on connections, has nor ‘fair use’ policy and prevents network throttling.

In addition to the Telecare SIM range, Mobius has invested heavily in its Fourth Generation private mobile network to ensure no single point of failure end to end anywhere in the world and a complete diagnostics suite to support development. This is coupled with a billing platform designed from the outset to support large scale rollouts.

To see what Health Care SIMs we have to offer please click here

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