GhostData & Mobius Networks providing location analytics

Case Study – Location Analytics

Ghostdata provides real-time, historical and trended passenger information to large public sector transport organisations using a combination of different technologies. In the search for strategic partners to help it deliver this data, Ghostdata engaged Mobius Networks.

Mobius Networks is the leader in providing secure, machine to machine connectivity using the cellular data network in the public transportation industry, Telehealth and Retail. GhostData chose Mobius Networks as their strategic partner for their ability to deliver data with low latency and a high degree of reliability, even when things go wrong or the network gets busy. Mobius consistently provides lower latency across major network providers than even the carriers can with equal equipment.

There are many synergies between the companies and a landmark partnership was formed; this partnership has recently been awarded a place on the RTIG (Real Time Information Group) framework. In order for a prospective client to better understand the combined offering, GhostData were asked to roll-out a sample of its location analytics in the Mobius demonstration centre in Leicestershire. The demonstration centre already had the ability to deliver free WiFi to Mobius clients and visitors.

Both companies pride themselves on the ability to roll-out enterprise class solutions within a very short space of time. After GhostData and Mobius technical staff had engaged in quite literally, a fifteen-minute conference call, within a further 45 minutes GhostData was anonymously tracking over 1000 devices in both the demonstration centre and the surrounding office space.

Doug Gilmour, CEO of Mobius Networks commented “It proves that when you have two companies playing to their strengths implementation can be minutes not months!”

Over the course of the next few weeks the Mobius technical team identified key devices they wished to focus on and Ghostdata were able to provide highly granular reports about the location of these devices, dwell time and location within the demonstration space. Having the system in place at the Mobius Demonstration room means putting the analysis and reporting that GhostData deliver in front of some of the biggest names in Retail and Public Transport.

GhostData, in connection with Mobius networks, are able to provide their customers a robust overall transport layer to deliver the data GhostData’s location analytics produced from their many different sensor types. Customers are able to use this data in many ways, some of which possibly haven’t even been thought about as yet. The ability of big data technologies to improve customer experience in the transport sector as well as improve efficiencies in many different sectors is game changing.

Mobius and GhostData will continue to grow the joint offering under the guidance of their clients, to provide an end-to-end data service to public transportation initially, and other industries beyond.


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