Why can Mobius achieve 99.994% availability

with a penalty clause SLA whereas nobody else will?

Our dual path offering means that we avoid outages that other operators and MVNOs are subject to. Once past the local masts, core networks themselves have outages. Mobius actually experienced 92 outages in service in the last calendar year, but by duplicating every system connecting us with the networks, participating customers have seen over 2 years of uninterrupted service. Mobius has invested heavily in time and architecture to achieve this. While operators clearly have the technology to offer this flexibility, the additional cost, complexity and customisation required means that the operators have never offered this to their industrial customers as standard.

To understand further why Mobius is the premier airtime provider in mission critical applications, please call us on 01530 511180 or email juliem@mobiusnetworks.co.uk

Douglas Gilmour
Managing Director


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