Smart SIM for a Smart City

The next revolution will be the integration of most of the infrastructure around you. Not just monitoring the city in real time but predicting what will happen and taking preventative action.

Smart traffic lights can create smooth flowing traffic improving public transport. Crowd density and traffic control for pedestrian crossings optimised. Air quality monitoring, rainfall predictions and maintenance plans can all be integrated to allow a city to respond in real time to the impact of events and improve on future responses.

These solutions take elements that already exist such as Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC), Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) and environmental monitoring and add powerful processing to create accurate real time and predictive models that can cut costs, be environmentally sustainable and ultimately save lives.

Part of the puzzle of creating a Smart City are the strands of mobile communication known as Machine to Machine (M2M) or the Internet of Things (IoT). Mobius has been one of the leading providers in these markets working with such global enterprise-class companies as IBM and Vodafone.

For industry-leading data-only airtime we can offer the following services; private mobile, fixed IP solution, all-network SIMs in the UK, domestic rate data across Europe, Prio context priority for mission-critical applications, a PCI DSS accredited network, a complete voice ban and whitelist internet access.


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