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Vodafone brings together unrivalled capabilities – the world's largest mobile network, an outstanding customer experience and a long track record of success – which means our customers are confidently connected, receive unmatched services and customer experience and benefit from proven expertise . Read more

Vodafone Partnership

Mobius has been Vodafone’s only preferred distributor for Machine to Machine Data SIMs since 2008 and sees that relationship as a core part of the ‘better’ service that Mobius customers enjoy. This exclusive partnership means that Mobius takes product to market earlier than competitors. Read more and coverage checker

Vodafone Global

With 346 networks around the world Mobius Connect makes the most of any available network coverage. In country network coverage is listed below broken down into sections dependant on the pricing available in each block. Vodafone are one of the world's leading mobile communications providers, operating in more than 30 countries and in partnership with networks in over 40 more. Across the world, we have almost 360 million customers and around 19 million in the UK. Mobius can offer excellent pricing in these countries in partnership with Vodafone. Read more and contract tariff options


Three UK has won awards for its mobile internet including number 1 for Mobile Broadband, 3G tablets and iPhone in the latest independent surveys by YouGov. Read more and coverage checker

Telenor Partnership

Telenor Connexion design and operate connected business solutions. Building on more than 15 years of experience, they make it easy to realise the value of connected services. Together with companies such as Volvo, Nissan, Scania, Hitachi, Securitas Direct and Telcare, Telenor Connexion have designed smart and innovative connected solutions deployed across the globe.

Mobius is the first MVNO to also act as an agent for Telenor IoT. Read more and contract tariff options

KPN Partnership

KPN is a leading telecommunications and ICT provider headquartered in the Netherlands with operations throughout Europe. They aim to provide their customers with the highest levels of reliability, the highest levels of service and the lowest operational complexity.

The KPN offer is a unique IoT proposition with a global non- steered roaming SIM. They can provide worldwide connectivity with over 700 connected networks, offer LTE integration and as part of the M2M World Alliance, deploy seamless international M2M solutions through a single point of contact.

With KPN's network and the Jasper control centre, customers will have the best multi-network experience, real-time customer interaction and diagnostics available to grow their business in a more connected world. Read more and contract tariff options


EE, part of the BT Group, runs the UK's biggest and fastest mobile network, offering 4G in more places than any other UK network. EE was first to launch 4G in the UK in October 2012.

Adding EE to the Mobius line up made sense as it has incredible customer loyalty. From a design point of view its inbuilt ISP provision makes it ideal for tablet and other applications where human interface is likely. Read more and contract tariff options


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