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Product Offerings

Mobius Data Reservoir

Tariffs have worked for decades as a way of buying airtime. But they also mean you buy data every month that you don’t use. Or you don’t buy enough data and have to buy expensive additional data for Out of Band Usage. And you buy different tariffs for different functions meaning that you don’t get the best rate overall. Lastly the monthly structure means that supporting seasonal or burst business is really difficult to get right. Read more

UK Vodafone SIM

By offering Vodafone M2M on a UK based platform Mobius brings together unrivalled capabilities – the world's largest mobile network, an outstanding customer experience and a long track record of success – which means our customers are confidently connected, receive unmatched services and customer experience and benefit from proven expertise. Read more

Roaming SIM

The advantage of roaming ‘in country is that rather than being tied to a particular cell or network your product now has access to any available networks in an area.  This means that large roll outs can be easily managed as whatever the local available cell  your product can take advantage of it without costly site surveys and customisation at site. Read more

High Capacity SIM

The bulk of M2M business is small amounts of data- credit card transactions, a temperature reading or an opening a valve can use 9 bytes or less per transmission. But with the rising costs of installing fixed lines, especially with the reduction in availability and support for the old twisted pair lines then mobile is being used increasingly for streaming data usually delivering video to high res screens or pulling data from HD CCTV. Read more

Telenor Sim

Telenor Connexion design and operate connected business solutions. Building on more than 15 years of experience, they make it easy to realise the value of connected services. Together with companies such as volvo, Nissan, Scania, Hitachi, Securitas Direct and Telecare TelenorConnexion have designed smart and innovative connected solutions deployed across the globe. Read more

Local Authority SIM

Mobius have been supplying industrial SIMs to Local Authorities for over a decade. Because we understand the costs involved in swapping a SIM out we specify extended temperature range, bigger memory with more read/write cycles than consumer SIMs.

That's why some of our original SIMs are still out there on the street, in some cases surviving the original on street kit they were put in. Read more

Health Care SIM

We have been working with some of the leading Telecare and Telehealth companies in the UK, along with the mobile network providers, to identify and solve network connection issues. We are also involved in managing the transition of the Telecare/health industry from fixed telephone line connections to mobile connections. Read more

Smart Sim for a Smart City

Smart traffic lights can create smooth flowing traffic improving public transport. Crowd density and traffic control for pedestrian crossings optimised. Air quality monitoring, rainfall predictions and maintenance plans can all be integrated to allow a city to respond in real time to the impact of events and improve on future responses. Read more


What is Satellite based machine to machine? .This is the reliable, secure collection and transmission of data on a global scale using a satellite to connect rather than a mobile network. Although Mobile networks cover the world their coverage is almost always dedicated to areas of high population, where the demand for voice mobile communications is naturally at its highest. Just as the military use satellite phones for global voice communications in remote areas of the World, Mobius can provide a satellite service dedicated to machine to machine (M2M). Read more


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