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Healthcare SIM

SIM Specifications

·         Compliant with current protocol including STMF Health Care standards

·         Reliable CLI presentation

·         Compatible with dual channel GPRS + voice technology

·         Unique interconnects with the global mobile operators

·         Resilient, redundant and reliable Dual Location network

·         Unsteered connection to multi-operator networks

·         Longevity of solution: 10 years +

As part of this transition Mobius have developed specialist profiling features for our range of Telecare SIMs, known as Profile for Health (PfH). PfH gives you peace of mind. More than 400 networks around the world recognise that this SIM needs to be treated differently from other SIMs.

It means the best possible chance of maintaining a connection now and in the future without fear of switch-off or de-prioritisation by the networks. You have confidence that your Telecare/health device will perform as the manufacturer intended.

MobiusTelecare SIM 1

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Mobius Telecare SIM 2

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Mobius Telecare SIM 3

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Mobius Telecare SIM 4

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Technical Standards

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