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High Capacity SIMs


·         Combined 3G and 4G SIMs

·         Standard, Micro and Nano Sizes

·         Temperature range can be specified as -25°C to +85°C and -40°C to +105°C

·         Guaranteed read/write cycles at 500,000 @ 25°C up to 5000,000 @ +105°C

·         10 years- Data Retention Time

·         Form Factor 2FF/3FF

·         Type 64 Kbytes of available operating memory

·         Temp range: -35C to +85C

·         Outside of HSM 1mn E/W Cycles

·         Data Retention: >10 years at -35Cto +85C

The bulk of M2M business is small amounts of data- credit card transactions, a temperature reading or operation or an opening a valve can use 9 bytes or less per transmission. But with the rising costs of installing fixed lines, especially with the reduction in availability and support for the old twisted pair lines then mobile is being used increasingly for streaming data usually delivering video to high res screens or pulling data from HD CCTV.

Three Wholesale already carries 42% of the UK’s mobile data on their built for purpose ‘Ultrafast’ network. From the mast all the way through to delivery at your server the backhaul has been designed with 3G/ 4G streaming in mind.

Mobius status as a Wholesale Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) means that our customers even have the option of buying Terabytes of data which can mean an end to overage without resorting to choking by fair usage policies, quality of service, filtering or simple congestion as you tend to see consumer ‘unlimited’ packages.

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