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Mobius Data Reservoir

Flexible Mobile Data Puts You In Control

Tariffs have been the standard way to buy data for decades. But it makes buying exactly the data you want difficult. If you don’t use your data allowance each month you lose it. If you go over your data allowance at anytime you will be charged overage. It’s very difficult to predict your mobile data budget using this type of tariff.

Mobius Data Reservoirs mean that you can use your data over six months or even a year. This makes seasonal business easy to manage. Supporting difficult to predict business like Fixed Line store back up, or even pop up stores, becomes less risky.

Mobius Data Reservoirs offers flexibility for the whole estate over time.

But there are always hard to reach places whichever networks you use. With most deals if you buy SIMs to fill in gaps they sit out of your aggregation. With Mobius Trans-Network Data Reservoirs all of the SIMs draw off the same reservoir, irrespective of network.  You can even put two or three SIMs in the same location giving you multi-network robustness but pay only one rental and all drawing off the same reservoir.

Why typical monthly tariffs can be expensive and inflexible, click here to find out more

Mobius Data Reservoir offers flexible data and costs less, click here to find out more

No more under usage, no more overage, no more being caught out with charges on minority estates. To find out how you can use the flexibility of Mobius Reservoirs and the trans-network service contact


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