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Mobius Data Reservoir offers flexible data and costs less

Mobius offer you the chance to move away from buying data every month in a per SIM, per month tariff. A Data Reservoir means every SIM, irrespective of the network and whatever the data draw rate, draws from the same pool at the same price.

Buying a Data Reservoir means an end to overage charges. It means buying at a wholsale rate and using that data when and where it is needed at the same flat cost. It means being able to support a summer project withoutworring about your commitment through the following winter.

Mobius have taken Data Reservoirs one step further by making them trans-network. Estates can be 100% Vodafone, 100% EE or any variation in between dynamically over days, weeks or months. A single bill, single aggregation supporting multiple networks.

Above is a graph showing typical example a customer chooses Vodafone and Three. If you don't use your data allowance in any particular month, what you don't use stays in the Mobius Data  Reservoir to be use when you have seasonal or unforeseen spikes.

No more under usage, no more overage, no more being caught out with charges on minority estates. To find out how you can use the flexibility of Mobius Reservoirs and the trans-network service contact



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