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Why typical monthly tariffs can be expensive and inflexible

Tariffs have worked for decades as a mechanism for buying airtime. It does make the published price per Gig or Mb look very attractive. But the chance of you precisely the tariff you but is slim. That means you may buy data every month that you waste atathe end of the month (unused). Or that you don't buy enough data and have to buy expensive additional data known as Out of Band Usage (overage).

You also buy different tariffs for different tariffs for different functions - Although a 10Mb SIM might be cheaper than a large tariff SIM the per Mb price is far higher than it would be in a Gig SIM. This means that you don't get the best rate overall.

Lastly no network has perfect coverage. Acommon solution is to use other networks to fill in those 'not spots'. But those SIMs will have their own aggregation pool, even if you have brought all the SIMs from the same provider. The result is that it is possible to still have unused data in the main data aggregation network while paying overage on the smaller estate

So tariff per Gig pricing tends to look attractive but it's hard to use the right amount of data and you end up either over or undershooting, either way adding cost.

Above graph shows an example of a typical year, If you don't use your data allowance each month you lose it. If you go over your data allowance at anytime you will be charged overage. It's very difficult to predict your mobile data budget using this type of tariff.

No more under usage, no more overage, no more being caught out with charges on minority estates. To find out how you can use the flexibility of Mobius Reservoirs and the trans-network service contact



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