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What is Satellite based machine to machine?

This is the reliable, secure collection and transmission of data on a global scale using a satellite to connect rather than a mobile network. Although Mobile networks cover the world their coverage is almost always dedicated to areas of high population, where the demand for voice mobile communications is naturally at its highest. Just as the military use satellite phones for global voice communications in remote areas of the World, Mobius can provide a satellite service dedicated to machine to machine (M2M).

No matter where in the world you operate, Mobius have the solution for M2M

Whether your requirement is for inventory of retail outlets or heavy machinery or ocean liners, Mobius and Iridium can provide you with a secure, reliable, global data transfer service.The industry remains extremely dynamic with a constant flow of new applications and a quick pace of technology development. The core markets for satellite based M2M services are transportation, marine, energy, and remote field service industries; however the technology is being applied to an ever growing number of new technologies ranging from agriculture to retail.

Mobius Satellite M2M

As the need for asset tracking and estate management expands, mobile geographic  coverage becomes a limitation. Mobius have researched different technologies and  partner companies to address the needs of clients whose requirements cannot be met by mobile communications technology. No other company or solution explored provided a more robust solution than Iridium.

A single Mobius interface - regardless of communications technology.

Using satellite communications technology provides real-time, or near real-time coverage across the globe. However, the technology is so cost effective it is a realistic alternative in remote isolated locations throughout the UK or Europe. This means your assets estate or locations can be integrated into a single Mobius interface - regardless of communications technology.


Maritime & Homeland Security

Maritime security is concerned with the prevention of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion, or terrorism and there are three main areas of activity: Port Security; Vessel Security; Facility Security. The upsurge in maritime piracy, increased terrorist threats and the heightened state of homeland security all contribute to a need.

Plant & Heavy Machinery

The majority of engineering plant and heavy machinery equipment are not remotely monitored, leaving the companies who provide them exposed to avoidable lost revenue. Typically plant and heavy machinery equipment can only generate revenue when it is in use and the biggest cause of lost revenue or ‘downtime’ are equipment failure through neglect, non-availability through theft, or poor asset management and fraudulent use. Without satellite remote monitoring it is difficult to ensure the maximum up-time of equipment, especially where plant is moved from site to site without the knowledge of the provider.Asset tracking of plant and heavy machinery is identified as the most viable way of improving profitability while strengthening customer relationships, and it has never been more affordable on global basis.Monitoring units can provide validation of usage periods and negate fraudulent use, while monitoring critical equipment functions and automatically reporting problems to managers before they become critical and result in lost revenue.Satellite remote monitoring of heavy plant can reduce costs, increase profitability, improve customer service and continued operation by:

• Reducing fuel outages
• Optimise the servicing of plant
• Minimising emergency repairs
• Increasing utilisation
• Preventing fraudulent use

Industrial & Fixed Asset

Monitoring and controlling industrial or fixed assets, such as storage tanks, pipelines, compressors, machines, pumps and switches can be a very expensive process, especially if they are located in remote regions or off-shore. Whatever the measurement, from levels to alerts, if there is no way to communicate the information, appropriate action cannot be taken, with Mobius Global our customers can:

• Optimise the servicing of equipment
• Minimising emergency repairs
• More effective utilisation of maintenance crew
• More efficient management of resources

Providing awareness of activities and power to take action, no matter how remote

No matter how remote, satellite monitoring provides a cost effective, low maintenance, intelligent solution for industrial and fixed assets. It enables two way communication, providing the controller with the critical information they require, plus the capability to react remotely, so they can take appropriate action and have the power to manage the asset.


As transport companies consolidate, their asset estate becomes increasingly difficult to manage because the number of vehicles, countries serviced and legislation increases year on year. Visibility on who or what is where, is an essential component, however, with cross continental services, it’s an almost impossible task. The day to day ability to manage servicing, licensing and insurance is matched with the challenge to track loads, mileage and fleet capacity, with Mobius Global our customers can:

• Lower fuel costs through more efficient routing
• Elimination of unnecessary overtime
• More accurate billing for jobs
• Elimination of unauthorised vehicle use
• Improved response time
• Safer driving techniques

The ability to accurately track any vehicles, anytime, anywhere. Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles distributing goods, transporting people or a sales force responsible for account management and merchandising, Satellite tracking of your assets will provide you with information on the activity of each vehicle and driver.

Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions enable you to achieve operational efficiencies and increase productivity.

• Customer portal for managing your business assets
• Ubiquitous access to devices and data
• Manage satellite and terrestrial units through one interface
• Management of devices – activation, deactivation, pricing plans
• Track and trace any unit generating usage


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