The rail industry has particular requirements and challenges for mobile data and mobile data applications. Mobius has listened to the requirements and addressed the challenges that have been presented to us. Mobius has worked with TOC’s and FOC’s as well as the RDG and DfT over the last four years to hone a suite of mobile solutions that allow Mobius and our rail customers to deliver;

  • High availability – 99.9996% (real onsite figures). 
  • Highly Secure – no data carried over the open internet. Devices cannot be hacked or be used in a denial of service.
  • Multi Carrier – who cares if an network is down
  • Multi path – highly resilient architecture with no single point of failure.
  • High through put – typically 80MB/s
  • Very low latency – less than 10ms across our network.

This has allowed our SIMs to be used to deliver diverse applications from payment to video streaming and real time condition monitoring of mobile and fixed assets.

If you require further information please contact the office and one of our sector specialists will be happy to assist you.


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