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Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones have the capacity to change the face of cities. Accelerating the changes that were already taking place, hastened by the Covid-19 Pandemic the switch away from fossil fuels in 2030 is set. Crucially it ensures the improvement in urban air quality that has shown so many positive impacts on city dwellers.

Each Local Authority has had to make decisions that reflect the local requirement: which vehicles will be excluded, time factors, and even the shape and extent of the zone itself. All of these factors have made for very different data requirements.

Mobius has won the contract to provide the airtime to every Clean Zone Project in the UK.

To do so we needed very flexible commercial models. We also needed to deliver on security and on the expectation of reliability. Usually those three factors are in opposition so getting all the dials right is difficult. Mobius experience in helping deploy street furniture that works stretches back to 2007. Since then, we have been working with the networks to ensure that our customers have received an even better service while driving the cost down to a thousandth of what it was.