The Pitfalls Of M2M

All SIMs are the same aren’t they?

Common sense says that the networks are pretty similar and the same goes for the SIMs. But as the mobile market has evolved over the last ten years the differences between the networks, the SIMs and how the two interact have become greater, not less. Read more

The Physical SIM

Not all Sims are the same. When you are supplying the voice market then using a consumer SIM makes sense. It keeps the cost down and usually a phone is kept away from very cold and very hot situations since they tend to be with the owner, protected from the cold say by being in a phone inside a jacket. In M2M the hardware can be far more exposed. Read more.

Data versus Voice

The machine to machine (M2M) or Data market is currently served by voice SIMs that have been data enabled, sometimes through a 'grey' un-franchised route. Since this is a force fit in terms or both route and product it creates issues, increased cost and poor service. Read more.

The Cost of failure

If your SIM stops working in your phone the operator will send you a new one, next day, and you will say ‘wow the service is awesome’ or at least that’s what happens in the marketing. What is clear is that the cost of a failure is likely to be low. While you are waiting for the SIM to arrive it is likely that you will be able to borrow other phones around you to make the calls that have to be made. Read more.

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