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An accurate billing platform

That might sound like it should be a given. But if you are relying on your current provider to bill you accurately you probably shouldn’t.

Mobius builds its bill by the byte, the text and the minute. That billing information is then emailed through every month showing you all the usage, how you have performed against the tariff and any potential danger points.

Mobius goes one step further with GEM giving you the option of setting the limits for each SIM individually, in groups or the whole estate with an alert within 15 minutes of any breach of the tariff.

If your supplier is still sending you a paper bill or a one page ‘summary’ and can’t give you a breakdown of how that overage occurred you should think about switching to a supplier that gives you useful, accurate information.

From March 2017 Mobius are delighted to be able to offer Direct Debit to make the whole billing process simpler.

For more information about how Mobius’ billing platform can help your mobile estate run more smoothly contact





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