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Dual location services

Two mirrored and geographically separate sites are just the start of what helps make Mobius reliable. Networks tend to have a primary site that most systems connect to. But Mobius connect to eight different locations on three networks so that any failure of a particular network node doesn’t impact our customers.

Our IoT roaming Products - KPN, Vodafone Global, Telenor Connexions and Three Wholesale mean that you can switch from network to network in the UK (and around the world) making the most of available capacity or coverage in an area offering the very highest availability and technical support.

For a cost effective robust solution our Dual SIM product means we can offer Three and Vodafone UK drawing on the same Data Tariff meaning that heavy lifting applications such as CCTV can benefit from a multi-network solution with only one cost per location.

Using Mobius then means no single point of failure from the device all the way through to delivery. To find out how Mobius can help make your IoT system more robust around the world without costing the earth contact


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