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High speed fixed IP with controlled costs

A private network brings security, fixed IP and a system that will work in any country around the world on one Access Point name.

The downside is that a service provider has to buy the firewalls service, routers and pipes to support that private network, if it’s any good twice (dual location). This has a big ticket price to buy and maintain. The temptation is to make those assets sweat, especially as a lot of vendors don’t charge for their private network, making further investment difficult.

Running high speed data like CCTV through a stressed private network can result in packet loss and very high latency. This results in poor control of the cameras and poor picture quality or jitter. Generally it doesn’t work.

Mobius worked with Three Wholesale to develop an entirely new way of building high speed private networks, we call it Advanced LTE Proof System (ALPS). With all the advantages of a private network and using the uncompromised Enterprise class infrastructure of the UKs top Data Network It’s been rolled out around the country support high bandwidth customers like Bracknell Borough Council and Dunelm.

To find out how ALPS can help you deliver high speed secure and reliably over mobile contact


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