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Network Control Centre

Compared to hardware it is very hard to judge the quality of the airtime. We would though encourage you to visit our Network Operation Centre (NOC) as I will give you an opportunity to see our investment in people, hardware and environment.

We developed our NOC as part of our 4th Generation Private Network system. We wanted to go on the front foot to tell our customers when there was a break in service and what was happening. Not the other way round which was too often the case with our earlier systems.

Part of that looking ahead is our war-gaming days with a fully resourced copy of our systems in London and Leicester which allow us to create failures in systems, hardware and software. See what the impact of these failures are and plan out our response.

We also run Canaries - hardware that emulates our key customers systems so that we know there is an issue and are moving to a resolution before our customers realise there is an issue.

With the constantly changing world of mobile, what was good last year or even last month can be caught on the hop by events from a simple failure at a network level to an unexpected change in network behaviour like Signal Storms.

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