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Network Control Centre

From the foundation of the company Mobius has been about delivering a better airtime experience to our customers and we have proved that; often working when side by side competitors’ SIMs have failed to maintain a connection.But the SIM is only part of the story. The mobile networks are always changing and growing just as the value of our customers data increases and the costs of failure climb ever higher. Private networks have become more of a standard in the last couple of years as the industry begins to recognise the advantages that a fixed IP system brings in lowering running costs and at the same time a greater appreciation of the risks and costs of running systems on open internet.

Mobius was one of the first to offer private mobile network solutions. For the last 9 years we have run two successful data centres with less than 1 hours unplanned core downtime in that period. in 2014 Mobius went live with its third generation Cloud based network. This Smart Multi-Path Mobile Network  has two primary locations in London and Leicester with no potentially single point of failure from the device all the way through to the customers server.In terms of monitoring Mobius has built a Network Operations Centre (NOC) that allows to monitor all aspects of our network in terms of load, alerts, disruptions and if required the automatic failover and failback processes.

But our network is only part of the chain so in addition we have a suite of ‘Canaries’ that monitor all of the networks in the UK so that if there is an issue on any of them we know about before our customers do.Sometimes though failures can be very specific to a particular Access Point Name or Virtual Private Network, or even how the network handles a particular DNS hop. For key customers we have then set up customer specific Canaries that replicate exactly what our customer is experiences and creates an alert explicit to that customer even if, overall, the networks are working fine.

Mobius network team, acknowledged to be some of the best in the business can then step in and start to trace where the failure lies and clarify what needs to be done to get our customer back on line as quickly as possible.All of this network detail means that our technical team can support our customers identify sup-optimum parts of their system creating a stronger solution for their customers in turn.


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