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Online Diagnostics in Real time

Mobius Global Estate Management (GEM) provides advanced gate-keeping, system analysis and reporting. Using it brings some key advantages to Mobius customers. GEM provides added protection against fraud or system malfunction and allows customers to  accurately control costs and data usage. GEM verifies the identity of each sending device and  confirms the data destination before allowing it to pass through. Data is delivered via a leased line or IPsec VPN and is allocated a fixed IP address and is directed through a shared or a custom APN.Sometimes internet access is required. GEM does allow access but only to specific IP addresses. This allows the flexibility of using an internet connection to support multiple destination IP addresses.  Because of the tight security we offer it still prevents fraudulent internet activity. Network information is becoming harder to get hold of, not easier. We often find clients who receive nothing other than a paper bill stating how much they owe. Even when overage has been incurred some SPs don’t even tell you which SIM racked up the cost making problem solving almost impossible.

GEM brings clarity. You set the parameters so that you can see how much each individual SIM has used over the period you are interested in; from 5 minutes to 30 days. If you want we can send you a report every day to let you know what your estate has done month to date. Or we have an option where you can manage by exception. You set the limit where you want it to be and we will email you if any of your estate hits that limit as the month proceeds. Whichever way you choose, complete estate visibility or management by exception, means that there are no surprises. It means fraudulent use, incorrect settings or hardware failures are picked up before they result in “bill shock”. For the first time GEM puts you in real time control of your mobile estate.

Security and Reporting are important but with mobile hardware one of the highest consistent costs is visiting the remote site to find out why it’s not working. By using GEM our clients can now build a picture of the estate of the mobile network.

  • Is the network up and the tunnels valid?
  • Is the device using the right IP addresses and port numbers?
  • Is the traffic from the server to the remote devices or from the remote devices to the server?
  • When was the last time it was on?
  • What mast was it connected to and even the units physical location?


Having this information to hand means that diagnostics can be started remotely – increasing reliability and cutting operating costs. In a new feature now customers who are not using the Mobius private networks can still take advantage of the early warnings and control that GEM brings to an account. Contact Sales for more information


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