Data Sims are up to 10% of your costs but can create 80% of your problems

SIMs are generally the last thing that people think of when they are building a mobile system. Hardware, firmware, antenna, applications will all be worked on for two or three years. Even arguments about what kind of SIM holder/chip SIM should be used will go on for weeks.

But then at the end the customer gets to choose the SIM that goes in, driven by corporate contract or what the engineer has to hand. The device is bench tested and out into the world. But any chain is only as good as the weakest link in that chain.

Since no SIM was specified the customer assumes any SIM is as good as any other, any failure must be down to the unit not the SIM he picked. So now your carefully developed system is viewed as flaky because of something outside of your control.

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Douglas Gilmour
Managing Director


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