You're in safe hands

Company history

Mobius originated in 2004 out of the electronic component industry. A foundational pillar for Mobius was its relationship with Vodafone, who selected us as its preferred distributor for M2M Data SIMs. This exclusive partnership meant that Mobius could take product to market earlier than our competitors. Our partnership with Vodafone has helped Mobius forge a reputation as a leading supplier of M2M solutions, particularly in the local government sector. This has now expanded to a broader set of sectors and other global operators.

Mobius Networks has achieved many industry firsts:


TSA QSF Service Delivery Module accreditation


Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation


Accredited for PCI DSS


IoT 5G Vodafone UK commercially available


Cyber Essentials accreditation


Vodafone NB-IoT Supplier


Technology Enabled Care Services Association Quality Standards Framework (TSA QSF)


Dual SIM Tariffs


Multi network Data Reservoirs for 3-60 Months


Advanced LTE Proof networks with Three


Vodafone Combined Strategic Connections


Sole provider status for RTIG


Mobile as a Service (MaaS)


Industry Audited to BS ISO 9001


One pipe for 2G, 3G, 4G data supply


IoT 4G Vodafone UK Commercially available


Accredited for PCI DSS


Extended Temp, extended r/w cycle SIMs as standard


First roll out of GDSP in UK for UK Olympics


Industry Audited to BS ISO 9001


Industry Audited to BS ISO 9001


M2M only SIM profiles used


Accurate to the byte billing


Integrated M2M Specialist


Douglas Gilmour


Douglas formed Mobius in 2004 after twenty years’ experience in the Semiconductor industry. He was driven by the idea that airtime could be better and more secure. By building a knowledgeable team and a world class group of MNOs Mobius is now acknowledged as a leader in security and reliability.


Our partners

Mobius enjoys close relationships with leading providers, both in the UK and globally, which means we offer unparalleled services to our clients. We have secured solid agreements under both MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and roaming models. Unlike most providers of global connectivity, we facilitate permanent roaming for overseas applications. We are able to dynamically switch between networks to optimise signal strength and pricing using advanced technology.

In the UK, we have direct wholesale agreements with EE, Three UK, and Vodafone. We achieve truly global coverage through our direct agreements with KPN, Telenor and Vodafone Global.

Three Wholesale powers Mobius’ services for NFC and contactless payment terminals, which is used to process customers’ orders and transactions. Three also provides for Mobius back-up fixed-line data connections during outages. Our integrated infrastructure means we can provide exceptional call control and deliver data in real time.

We have developed trusted partnerships with systems integrators and our relationships with trade bodies demonstrate our industry credibility.


Celsius Heating

“ Thanks for your help with the SIM, it arrived on schedule, I have installed it and it is all working perfectly. After 3 months of aggravation with an XX m2m SIM it has been great to find one that works seamlessly!!”

East Ayrshire Council

“On appointing Mobius Networks to supply the M2M data SIM cards and Private Network, Alan Vass, the Project Leader at East Ayrshire Council said: “I have every confidence that Mobius will deliver a quality service to the Council’s RTPI system. It is important to know that Mobius have already been involved successfully with other Authorities in RTPI and UTMC projects.”


“It has also been valuable that the Mobius account managers have the technical expertise to understand Videalert’s requirements and provide effective answers to any question that we may have. We know what we need and appreciate the pro-active approach taken by Mobius to ensure the SIMS deliver the best possible service.”

ZSL- Zoological Society of London

“Mobius has enabled ZSL to deliver the project globally without complex local SIM agreements. Mobius Connect SIMs have proved to be fantastically reliable allowing us to concentrate on expanding the project and make a real difference to conservation efforts in Kenya”

DEB Group Limited

“We weren’t worried about the mobile coverage to be honest we really see successful Mobius operation as a given now! It’s just seamless.”