Adelante Software

The Challenge

Leading UK credit and debit card payment gateway needed to reduce the high data roaming charges incurred by a UK-based customer who was using mobile payment devices to carry out credit card transactions abroad.

Adelante Software’s unique credit card transaction processing system, MobilePOS, enables credit and debit card payment on mobile phones. Adelante’s MobilePOS system is highly flexible, giving anyone working off-site the ability to accept card payment for goods or services.

One of Adelante’s key customers was using the system outside of the UK but incurring massive bills for mobile data usage because of roaming. Thus, Adelante needed to provide its client with a reliable solution beyond the UK that would not hurt the client’s profit margin.

The Solution

SIM cards provided by Mobius Networks were installed in the payment terminals, radically reducing data roaming charges thanks to Mobius’ established usage agreements with foreign networks. Users are charged for what they actually use rather than for a minimum data package.

The Benefits

Thanks to Mobius’ exclusive agreement with every foreign network, the costs for data sent via Mobius SIM cards can be reduced by a factor of 150. This resulted in significant savings for Adelante’s customer and an increased profit margin for Adelante themselves.

Additional benefits include Mobius’ superior billing services and highly secured transactions.

The billing each month from Mobius Networks shows the cost of the roaming charges next to each individual SIM so clients can see the detailed transaction charges.

Security is increased thanks to the Private Network provided by Mobius, which keeps data off the open internet and delivers it, through the mobile network, safely to its destination. Every Mobius SIM is isolated from every other SIM, as opposed to normal practice where SIMs are linked. Therefore, if someone hacks into a Mobius SIM, they only have access to that individual SIM, not the whole system. Additionally, the SIM gives each terminal a fixed IP address, so any problems with the can be pinpointed and even checked/repaired/updated remotely by sending software updates to it.