Billing platform

With an ever-expanding number of IoT applications and deployments, connectivity providers and platforms must be able to support hundreds of thousands of devices in a variety of environments and in multiple countries. Correctly billing for each device and its usage is a particularly difficult challenge that can greatly affect service quality.

Mobius understands the importance of accurate and reliable billing. We provide a superior service that allows clients to receive their billing information by the byte, the text, and the minute, showing clients all the usage, how they have performed against the tariff and any potential danger points.


Can run a suite of reports that allows clients to receive information in the way that bests suit them.

Limits for each SIM individually

Clients have the option of setting the limits for each SIM individually, in groups or the whole estate with an alert within 15 minutes of any breach of the tariff.


APIs can be integrated into clients’ systems.

Traffic light control

Used to alter the frequency of changes and allow specific vehicles to pass.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit to make the whole billing process simpler

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