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Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National infrastructure (CNI) is hidden all around us. It controls the power and water to our houses and offices, manages the road infrastructure that gets us to work.

Communications has become an essential and growing part of CNI, especially with the switch from largely stand-alone analogue systems to an integrated digital future, which we refer to as a ‘smart revolution’.

Reliability and security concerns had held back the adoption of mobile in this market. Back in 2011, Mobius took part in three-year trails comparing real world performance of mobile versus fixed line. Mobius won, delivering 99.99% availability on street over the duration of the project. Working with our partners to build on that reliability has been a cornerstone of our business since then, creating an unmatched reputation for reliability.

Mobius is the only airtime provider to achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accreditation.

No-one can run CNI without looking at security from the ground up. In 2020 we were the first to attain Cyber Essentials and the only airtime provider to be accredited for the more challenging Cyber Essentials Plus from the National Cyber Security Centre.

A commitment to these standards including remote and on-site penetration testing by approved third parties mean that Mobius has to keep ahead to match the rising tide of threats from cybercrime.