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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Electric Vehicles (EV) are the future of transportation, providing cleaner and sustainable cities. Instead of refuelling at petrol stations, EV users can charge up at public charging points and pay by an app and/or contactless card payments. Charging points are typically installed in apartment building and public parking garages, retail parking lots and on urban street corners.

From a consumers’ perspective, EV drivers need assurance that the charging points network is reliable, no matter the time of day. For the charging point providers’, it is critical that the systems can take payments at all times to avoid loses incurred by free vending.

Mobius provides resilient networks with no single point of failure.

We carry data from the edge of the network all the way through to the consumers’ core. This is coupled with specifically tailored SIMs designed for systems that are always on and never move. This allows us to deliver a solution with an uptime of 99.995%, the equivalent of being up for 23 hours, 59 minutes and 56 seconds every day.

The design is built with security in mind from the beginning: our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications protects the reputation of your company.