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Technologies such as telehealth, telecare, and telemedicine have the potential to transform the way people engage in and control their own healthcare, empowering them to manage it in a way that is right for them.

It is difficult to imagine an industry with a higher need for uptime and also security. Alarm calls, fall detectors and general room monitoring all depend on reliable communications. The airtime is the glue that holds the system together.

Two thirds of UK telecare products are choosing Mobius.

This is thanks to our SIMs with an always-on profile, which crucially make the best use of the available networks through un-steered roaming.

Industry reports like Test of Change singled out the performance of the Mobius SIM as a key component of success in healthcare delivery.

To support this Mobius is proud to be the only airtime provider to have been accredited to the TSA Quality Standards Framework, an independently audited standard increasingly required by CCJs and Health Authorities.