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Mobius was founded to meet the demand of retail where credit card data and shop management data flow through the same pipe yet have to be kept separate due to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. That internal separation extended to every part of our network creating a system that is more secure than any of our competitors. This results in us being the only airtime seller in the UK that is accredited to PCI DSS in our own right.

With the adoption of Chip and PIN and then Contactless EMV continuous real time communications from the terminal, its management platform and the payment gateway has become ever more important, especially as Covid-19 has driven cash out of the Retail world faster than anyone could have expected.

At the same time Payment Entry Devices (PEDs) have become increasingly sophisticated. Functionality such as stock checks in retail, order taking in hospitality and queue busting in leisure have all driven sophistication upwards. The data load on a PED has gone up by a factor of 100 or more. Extensive software updates such as the recent change to £45 contactless payment limit mean that commercial flexibility is crucial.

This mixture of unmatched security, reliability and commercial flexibility means that Mobius is your number one choice for payment systems across Europe.