Stay connected, protected, and secure.

Security and Surveillance

Because of the sheer volume, IoT devices are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks from multiple sources. With applications as crucial as healthcare, payments traffic management and smart cameras, such risks are unacceptable. Security is not an option and needs to be mandatory, from the connectivity, device, and SIM perspective.

Mobius offers superior security to its clients:

– Mobius offers a Private Mobile Network with no internet access. This ensures that each connection is isolated, secure, and protected from the threat of attack that occurs on the open internet.

– No data is carried over the open internet. This also minimises the chances of devices being used in a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack.

– Public facing Fixed IP represents an open door to hackers. That’s why Mobius don’t sell them to anyone.

– Mobius data pipes are so secure even we cannot inspect, store or forward the contents.

– Fraudulent data can be prevented using closed systems or ‘White Lists’ of approved destinations

– Authentication by CHAPS and PAPs. We support IMSI authentication rather than an easily discovered username and password.

– Our SIMs can be tied down to the individual device allocated, the type of device allowed or the type of communication permitted.

– We hold several Third Party accreditations which include regular penetration testing to ensure we keep our protection ahead of the latest threats. See more about PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials Plus here.


Mobius offers 99.995% availability (4.3s offline per day).


Availability of ADSL and mobile combined is 99.999%.