Worcestershire Telecare

A leading provider of telecare services required highly reliable connectivity in order to provide the best service possible to its clients.

The Challenge

Worcestershire Telecare has been delivering first-class telecare services in the Worcestershire area, and beyond, for over 30 years. Telecare provision can have huge benefits for users in keeping them safe in their home environment. At the same time, the cost of maintaining them at home is a fraction of the cost of warden monitored sites or a hospital bed. Our ageing population creates an ever-increasing demand for this kind of service.

In order to offer the best service possible, Worcestershire Telecare rolled out a GSM alarm solution following a large-scale plan to decommission ageing analogue hardwired alarms. However, connectivity issues with the new service meant that it could not be relied upon, especially such a critical service. A lengthy internal investigation revealed the SIMs were being ‘steered’, where a roaming SIM prefers a cheaper network, even if the signal for the network is low or the network has limited capacity to take a call or send data. The SIMs were not offering the availability and reliability that Worcestershire Telecare needed to support their Telecare Alarm service.

The Solution

Worcestershire Telecare worked with Mobius to understand the communication requirements for a successful telecare service, including functionality, security, and bandwidth. They understood they needed a communications partner, not just a SIM supplier.

In place of ‘steered’ SIMS with limited roaming capability, Mobius SIMs provides a system that always roam to the ‘best’ connection available, as well on-site support to ensure a smooth go live. On the commercial side, Mobius allows for controlled costs through a fixed price tariff per SIM, including all required usage in a month. This allows Worcestershire Telecare to avoid bill shock and uncontrolled costs.

The Benefits

The number of fault tickets raised significantly reduced. As a result, Worcestershire Telecare now has less engineer visits to site, saving uncontrolled revenue loss.

Above all, this led to an improved experience and greater confidence from the service users.

Together, this allows Worcestershire Telecare to confidently expand the service to benefit more customers whilst keeping costs controlled, and reliability and security high.