Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

The Zoological Society of London were challenged with rolling out conservation cameras in Kenya and were looking for improved performance and reliability over local SIM connectivity.

The Challenge

In thirty years of close collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has provided technical support and training to establish and support wildlife health programmes.

ZSL has been running a citizen science project in Kenya, among other locations, to monitor wildlife and engage people with nature. ZSL’s Instant Wild project, available both as a smartphone app and a website, empowers individuals to take part in vital conservation work by identifying animals from images and videos from all around the world.

The system uses cameras triggered by motion placed in remote locations in Kenya. The images and video are transmitted back to the UK via Mobius Networks. Users can then identify the animal, giving ZSL conservation teams vital information to track animals in the wild. Users also get a chance to see elusive wildlife out in remote parts of the world.

ZSL needed to improve the reliability of connectivity for cameras in Kenya at a reasonable cost.

The Solution
  • Mobius Networks set up its Smart Multi-path Mobile Network service to enable single source for SIMs across the globe, starting with Kenya.
  • The Mobius Connect roaming SIM enabled a real M2M solution providing a stable, reliable connection to the cameras and access to data and technical tools to enable swift resolution in event of an issue.
  • The Benefits

    Stable, reliable connection.

    Reduced support costs.

    Confidence to deploy seamlessly across the globe.

    Utilising Mobius’ unique partnerships with operators, ZSL benefited from connectivity that is no longer a thought, it just works. This has enabled ZSL to confidently concentrate on expanding the project in Kenya and new regions across the world.