Secure and reliable IoT and M2M for global critical comms.

Safe, secure, smart connectivity.

We are specialists in IoT solutions that help you solve your critical communications needs.
The number of global IoT connections by 2025.

With the explosion in IoT applications, connectivity providers and platforms must be able to support hundreds of thousands of devices in a variety of environments and in multiple countries.

Mobius has made it part of its core identity to offer M2M and IoT services for critical communications, which requires a level of attention way beyond traditional voice and data communications. Mission critical ventures must ultimately be resilient and secure with a deep understanding for industry requirements.

Our services address the critical communication needs of both industry and public sector using the latest in IoT and M2M technology.

With Mobius Networks you are in safe hands. We are your trusted IoT communications partner, not just a SIM supplier. We offer unrivalled coverage, reliability and support to keep your assets and people safe and secure.


Our industry focus means we can offer you a highly tailored solution

Helping society's most vulnerable to lead more independent and safe lives

Critical National Infrastructure

Creating a safe environment for a country’s citizens

Local Authorities

Supporting the environment, transport and social care

Smart Cities

Improving efficiency for towns and cities

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Keeping charging stations connected for a more sustainable future

Retail, Hospitality & Leisure

Enhancing customer experience through digital services

Security and Surveillance

Keeping people, networks and assets safe

Clean Air Zones

Improving the quality of life of our communities


Facilitating a smooth and secure environment for payments


Enabling backup connectivity to ensure you’re always on