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The First Airtime Provider to Offer Dual Network Bulk Buying of Data


In the same way that we led the industry with aggregation, we are the first to introduce bulk buying of airtime offering you large cost savings and unprecedented flexibility. This avoids the dilemma of balancing the need to opt for a low usage tariff to save monthly costs, whilst trying to minimise overage.

With this model there is no overage and all date is charged at the same rate. We require only 60 days’ notice to cancel any SIMs in the reservoir, and since the reservoir calls on 2 networks- Vodafone and Three, it offers a level of flexibility never seen before in airtime with no “not spots” and no roaming charges and all within a single invoice. Furthermore, because the data is available throughout the year, any seasonal peaks are easily absorbed without penalty.

Mobius supply SIMs, Airtime and Private Networks around the world for IoT & M2M. Each of our customers is unique in what they offer their customers but they have one thing in common: They need their data in real time and they need it to work. That is why we are particularly strong in Local Authority, Health, and Payment & Retail applications when mobile has to work.

Our customers tell us that we provide the most resilient network in the sector with customers on our dual location platform witnessing 99.995% availability. We offer an accurate billing platform and the best customer service in the sector.

To find out more how to make large cost savings via bulk buying and find out why we are the network of choice in four continents, contact us at for more information and we will arrange a call from one of our account managers


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